Cutting Room Floor

Here are tools I tried that did not work well or ones that have disappeared.

Bubbleshare went offline in November 2009
Snapjot "Digital Scrapbooking for Groups" - buggy, crashed, could not create any material
eyespot Went out of business in September 2008, allowed users to download videos
Flektor is gone; URL goes to MySpace.
Flowgram going out of business June 2009 a real shame!
Joggle went out of sight September 30, 2010. Not missed much, it was always buggy and pre-beta-ish
Jumpcut going out of business June 2009
My Maps+ Provides tool to embed a map created in Google's My Maps into any other web site, Google's new tools has this functionality
Piczo Assemble a "site" where you can add a variety of media types, and also has features of a social networking service. Tool behaved inconsistently when I tried it.
preezo Looks like a no frills PowerPoint clone; it refused to import a PPT file, and after fiddling with trying to import images, gave up with the difficulty of moving them around. There are plenty of other presentation web apps that work better.
SplashCast The "pioneers of social TV" went down Sept 1, 2009
Thumbstacks appears to be dead too; also a rather buggy presentation tool. I don't miss it.
TouFee They are now charging for an account, you gotta be free to be one of the 50 Tools.
Viewbook There is no longer a free version, although my original account seems to be grandfathered see Dominoe
Zude is just gone with a image that says "beta closed". No tears, it was a lame tool