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Finding Media For Your Story

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flickr photo by gin_able
Now here is a my rule- the media files you use in your story have to be ones that are licensed or shared with permission to re-use; this is the only way you can safely then share your new creation knowing it does not contain any copyrighted material plus it is just darn human courtesy to give credit where creation came from. So just finding a picture via Google is not satisfactory. For each media file you find, as you search, be sure to document the source by title and URL and find a person or organization to give credit.

Beyond this list below, see 30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media.

Multiple Media Types


Check Finding Photos for ways to locate appropriately licensed images within flickr or use any media in my shared flickr account (username=cogdogroo / password provided in workshop)



Now you are ready for step 3... select a tool to build your story

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