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Tagging Web Sites in

With this tool we tag web sites, and describe them by the keywords we provide.
cogdog tags visualized

Welcome to my personal tag cloud, as visualized with extispicious. In this activity, you can either use your own account (if you already have one that you use), or you can use the special one I set up for this workshop (username: cogdogroo; password to be provided at workshop). Log in at All you need to do is to find a site you wish to "bookmark", then click the Post link in delicious to enter the site URL, title, and tags.

Our activity here is to find a few web sites in your discipline area, and add them to a public tagset. Use tags make sense to your subject and the site, but you must use the "special" tag of cogdogtoo so we can link them all together. For example,

Where you find the sites is not important- they can be your own web sites, ones that you use often (as long as they are tied to a subject area), or try and find them quickly via:

Whatever it takes, try and find at least 3 sites and tag them with both the "cogdogroo" tag (to associate them all together) and the other tags that describe the subect (e.g. "writing", "chemistry", "tourism", "art").

And we will watch what unfolds via the general cogdogroo tagset - view them all at