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Tagging Web Sites in flickr

Flickr Tag Cloud- All Users
Flickr Tag Cloud- All Users

Flickr allows you to use tags to organize and share digital photos (learn more...) For this activity, we will explore how people tag at a personal level (and then explore beyond). I have uploaded about 40 images to a shared flickr account, but have not tagged them descriptively. Your task is to look at a few photos, and contribute tags- and we will watch how the tags evolve.

  1. Log in to flickr with username cogdogroo and password XXXXXXXXX (provided in workshop)
  2. Go to the pictures I have organized with the tag (the only one used) of tagme (get it?)
  3. Click on any image that grabs your interest.
  4. On the right side, look under the "Tags" headiing, and click the "Add a Tag" link. Add one tag per line, and add as many as you feel like.
  5. Tag at least 3 more photos
  6. Watch how the tag cloud begins to evolve at - here is a peek before these workshops even were created:
    Flickr Tag Cloud for CogDogRoo
  7. Click any tag, such as Arizona (which shows only photos from this account tagged with "arizona"), click the left side link to See all public photos tagged with arizona -- now explore from there!