Tag: We're All It

A lightning fast experience with tagging done by "being there" in the tag space...

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Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects flickr creative commons licensed photo by Beth Kanter

This workshop is not menat to cover all aspects of tagging by any means- for that, check our resources. No, we are going to jump in quickly, do some tagging, and hopefully experience the "aha" moment of what happens when we tag content together. What we hope to reveal is:
  • Tagging For Myself - using tags to organize information for your own scheme. Choice of tags don't matter much, you have full control over what is included, and use tools to republish a dynamic updated list to other web sites
  • Tagging With Others - using more generalized tags (plus/minus secondary tags to filter) to build resource collections as a group, or to see what all users have identified by the same tag. Choice of tags bears thought as it needs to be original yet memorable.
  • Exploring Tag Paths - Discovering new content by browsing by tag, by user, through contacts/networks.

To experience tagging, I have set up two, well three, things you can try- in our workshop there may not be time to try all, but this site is yours to come back to and explore.